Concept Art

Our network of talented artists and art directors are on hand to offer you the best in conceptual designs, illustrating your most creative ideas.

3D Modeling

We create extremely high-end character modeling from concept art through completion. Specialize in everything from humanoids to fantasy and organic characters.

3D Animation

We have wide range of experience in production animation; our team is capable of creating both Japanese animation style or following the basic principle of animation.

CG Environments

We have the capacity to create full CG environments. Our talented artists can paint an environment that can seamlessly fit into any project’s need, avoiding expensive set costs.

CG Effects

Adept at making the most believable visual effect to serve the story. Utilize any combination of CG smoke, flame, rain….we make the impossible possible.

3D Product Rendering

3D Product rendering,one of our original core specialties, to help illustrate design concepts and bring projects to life.


We’ll create not only a pretty look at scene but also a highly usable comp setup based on real world production experiences.

Camera Tracking

We use the survey data acquired on-set to recreate the original camera movement. then can be present on-set during the principal photography stage to compile critical data.


In the phase of VFX on-set shooting, We`ll be involved every step in a way. It’s our mission to provide the best degree of supervision necessary for work.


our equipment allows us to produce HDR panoramic views and 3D. From background plates to practical elements – competitively priced and within budget.

Production Management

We have English PM and Japanese PM, senior PM who had production experience,can handle projects from domestic and foreign without questions.