Our team was created from the desire to make a imagine come true.we all share is a passion for animation and the craft of visual effects.

Who We Are

Cheer Digiart was created by the most talented artists.
At Cheer Digiart , we make the impossible possible-on any screen. We aim to provide the highest-quality in areas of film, television and event agencies and to various industries directly. Founded in 2009, our early collaboration with Square Enix, the most influential provider of digital entertainment content and leading advertising agencies in Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and a Singapore, resulted in Cheer Digiart ’s rapid expansion and success story. Today,Cheer Digiart is the biggest visual effects studio in the film industry domestically. In addition, our breadth of international to adapt to the global nature of the business exposure has positioned us well. We bring together a wide variety of people and integrate all the vertical of industry to service studio clients. Our broad range of skill-sets provide a multitude of creative solutions, including for conceptual design, on-set supervision, 3D tracking and data capture, extremely high-end CG environment/ character modeling, live-action visual effects, 3D animation, compositing and any combination of these services.

Our Approach

Cheer Digiart thrives to consolidate and expand our post-production sector to survive in an industry which has always evolved rapidly. Now in addition to having the necessary scale to handle a multitude requests, we are also nimble and adept at adapting to volatility of the production pipeline for various studio clients globally.
To the Cheer Digiart team, in every projects, every client that offer the opportunity, we see each of them as the most precious touchstone. Any difficulties, we have only conquer them make us a better stronger team. Concept design, on-set shoot supervision, compositing, 3D/CG effects, animation for film, advertising and any combination of these services contribute and help to create extraordinary visual experiences in any space, on any screen. Through our steady and constant growth, we have always sought to retain the creative drive and involvement of our artists through all projects, continuing to ensure that they have a close collaboration with clients. This approach ensures that our clients whether large or small, receive the same high standard of creative and technical service.

Culture Of CHEER Digiart